Apple’s SourceKit LSP and SDE Roadmap

Apple recently announced to develop a language server for Swift and C-family languages. Or said more clearly: Apple started development to support every editor implementing the language server protocol like VS Code, Sublime Text, Jet Brains‘ IDEs and Atom. Later… »


Never miss a dismiss in Ionic anymore

Have you ever experienced, that some loading indicators just don’t want to dismiss and literally stay forever? Maybe while users tried to login? The short story: you probably forgot to dismiss a loading indicator in some cases. Within this blogpost you will learn how to… »


Why I created Rock for Swift CLIs

I excessively make use of the official Swift Package Manager as I usually do some CLIs or other stuff. For this use case it is really great. When developing Apps, Carthage and CocoaPods come in handy, which are great, too. For Web Development there are yarn and NPM… »