A few months ago Swift 5.5 has been released and made / available. And in 4.50.0 Vapor added support for it, too! If you are still on Vapor 3, you first need to upgrade your server to Vapor 4 . Now we can migrate most usages of Swift NIO's with . But we don't… »

When developing Swift in Visual Studio Code there were a few cases, where I preferred Xcode. Beside the obvious cases like iOS Development, managing certificates and provisioning profiles, there was one big case left: Writing unit tests. With perfect TDD (unit tests… »

The past few days I created a new server using Vapor and hit which created a Vapor 3 server. Later I upgraded the young project to Vapor 4, but found some lack of practical information about the upgrade on the internet. So here I share my subjective experience and… »

Editors like Visual Studio Code live from a wide range of extensions and customization. In contrast there are IDEs like Xcode and AppCode, which have everything set up and are ready to go. In order to provide a rich set of features, they cannot not offer the same level… »

Running and debugging your targets in Visual Studio Code is not prepared by default. Especially for us Swift developers this might come unexpected, especially in comparison to Xcode. In VS Code we require extensions and configs for this purpose. Within this blog post… »

The initial idea behind InferIt was to create some mixture of a constraint solver and a dependency manager: you would just tell it what to install and it would gather as much information as possible to install it. The goal is to fulfill a requirement. InferIt would then… »

A simple example implementation of the Redux pattern with multiple reducers and listeners. The name is derived from Swift + Redux = 🏎🦆 Originally written at 2018-06-10 Definitions Example Usage Conclusion Without explicit support for modularity, supporting multiple… »

Async operators , or that functional reactive programming libraries as and provide are super useful and expressive. Though their biggest benefit lays within composability. This playground tries to achieve the same using plain functions with little help of a… »

Archery is about doing something with your project’s metadata. The new version 0.3.0 puts everything on steroids and allows you to script your metadata. A detailed overview of all changes can be found on GitHub . Archerfile Loaders At first you will notice the new… »

Today I released the new 2.7.0 update to SDE for VS Code and the companion project sourcekite has been updated, too. The new sourcekite 0.5.0 now supports Swift 5, but drops support for Swift 3. If you still need support for Swift 3.1, I also tagged 0.4.2 . Since… »

Apple recently announced to develop a language server for Swift and C-family languages. Or said more clearly: Apple started development to support every editor implementing the language server protocol like VS Code, Sublime Text, Jet Brains‘ IDEs and Atom. Later… »

Writing things down is part of my learning process. These thoughts came up while reading through Yegor Bugayenko’s book Elegant Objects about a more declarative and less procedural approach of object oriented programming. This is more a personal document than a book… »

A Swift Playground aiming to provide some functional helpers to parse arguments for command line tools. It uses Overture and is build for high composability, flexibility and little impact on your project's freedom to evolve. A central use case was Archery 's: only… »

Do you work with legacy RxJS code? Have you ever revisited your first few observables in your application? Do you need to fix bugs in an app of your learning phase? Are you still learning best practices for writing reactive code? This guide is for you. Even if you don’t… »

Have you ever experienced, that some loading indicators just don’t want to dismiss and literally stay forever? Maybe while users tried to login? The short story: you probably forgot to dismiss a loading indicator in some cases. Within this blogpost you will learn how to… »

Command mine is a concept of a swift library for parsing command line arguments. It is designed to support asynchronous implementations of CLIS, that may even be used inside frameworks. Definitions CommandMine is about extracting minerals out of your ore. Shaft A… »

I excessively make use of the official Swift Package Manager as I usually do some CLIs or other stuff. For this use case it is really great. When developing Apps, Carthage and CocoaPods come in handy, which are great, too. For Web Development there are yarn and NPM… »