About Me

Posted on Jul 22, 2022

I’m Valentin Knabel, vknabel on GitHub and on Twitter. I maintain several open source projects including the Maintained Swift Development Environment extension for Visual Studio Code.


Currently I work at x-cellent on metal-stack. In my free time I mainly work on developer tooling like improving VS Code support for the Swift ecosystem and on my own toy-programming language written in Go, of course, including a Docker image, a Language Server and a VS Code extension.

My latest open source projects

  • Lithia is my experimental, functional programming language. Go, Docker, GitHub CI, Tree-Sitter, Language Server, Typescript, VS Code extension and more.
  • Maintained Swift Development Environment (SDE) provides Swift autocompletion to VS Code on macOS and Linux. Swift, Typescript, Docker, Language Server, VS Code extension and more.
  • Puffery is a SwiftUI iOS App and Vapor Server to send push notifications fueled by Siri Shortcuts. Swift, Vapor, Docker, GitHub CI, Bitrise, Xcode Cloud, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • go puffery. The TUI for Puffery. Go, Bubble Tea, GoReleaser.
  • SwiftLint for VS Code: a plugin for SwiftLint. Typescript, VS Code extension.
  • apple/swift-format for VS Code: a plugin for apple/swift-format. Typescript, VS Code extension.
  • SwiftFormat for VS Code: a plugin for SwiftFormat on macOS. Typescript, VS Code extension.
  • Archery allows you to declare all your project’s metadata and what you can do with it in one single place. Swift, Docker, GitHub CI.

Visit my GitHub profile for all open source contributions. For an up-to date overview of all VS Code extensions, visit my marketplace publisher site.