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Command mine is a concept of a swift library for parsing command line arguments. It is designed to support asynchronous implementations of CLIS, that may even be used inside frameworks. Definitions CommandMine is about extracting minerals out of your ore. let goldmine = Mine<Gold>() // declare your mine .drift( // One way to get to your gold named: "init", digging drift: Drift, // Prepares your Shaft to shaft: execute // your actual program ) Shaft A protocol describing factories of Rails.…
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Why I created Rock for Swift CLIs

I excessively make use of the official Swift Package Manager as I usually do some CLIs or other stuff. For this use case it is really great. When developing Apps, Carthage and CocoaPods come in handy, which are great, too. For Web Development there are yarn and NPM, which support project based and global installs. Then there are gem (global) and bundler (project) for ruby based dependencies. What I missed was an easy way of distribution for Swift CLIs for either projects or globally.…
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