About Me

I’m Valentin Knabel, vknabel on GitHub and on Twitter, B.Sc. I am an open-minded team-player from Germany and learnt coding with 14. I maintain several open source projects including the Maintained Swift Development Environment extension for Visual Studio Code.

Currently I work at oput mostly doing iOS and web development. In my free time I do Swift, iOS and supporting the Swift Package Manager ecosystem, especially by improving VS Code’s support for it.

My latest open source projects:

Work experience

Software Developer, oput

  • Development of iOS and watchOS apps

Software Developer, Conclurer

  • Development of a highly customizable mobile app based on web technologies
  • Implementation of an offline first data abstraction layer
  • Responsible for customization and white labeling apps for more than 5 companies
  • Digitalization of business processes for customers actively used in production
  • Introduced and improved Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines

Remote Freelance iOS Developer, American customer

  • Design and development of an media-rich iOS app in Swift
  • Offline synchronization of metadata, images and videos
  • Automated screenshots and Continuous Deployment

Remote Student iOS-Developer, Freeletics

  • First hired developer for the iOS-App written in Objective-C
  • Stabilizing and refactoring freshly released App