About Me

I’m Valentin Knabel, vknabel on GitHub and on Twitter. I maintain several open source projects including the Maintained Swift Development Environment extension for Visual Studio Code.

Currently I work at oput mostly doing iOS and web development. In my free time I mainly work on developer tooling like improving VS Code support for the Swift ecosystem and on my own toy-programming language written in Go, of course, including a Docker image, a Language Server and a VS Code extension.

My latest open source projects

  • Lithia is my experimental, functional programming language. Go, Docker, GitHub CI, Tree-Sitter, Language Server, Typescript, VS Code extension and more.
  • Maintained Swift Development Environment (SDE) provides Swift autocompletion to VS Code on macOS and Linux. Swift, Typescript, Docker, Language Server, VS Code extension and more.
  • Puffery is a SwiftUI iOS App and Vapor Server to send push notifications fueled by Siri Shortcuts. Swift, Vapor, Docker, GitHub CI, Bitrise, Xcode Cloud, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • SwiftLint for VS Code: a plugin for SwiftLint. Typescript, VS Code extension.
  • apple/swift-format for VS Code: a plugin for apple/swift-format. Typescript, VS Code extension.
  • SwiftFormat for VS Code: a plugin for SwiftFormat on macOS. Typescript, VS Code extension.
  • Archery allows you to declare all your project's metadata and what you can do with it in one single place. Swift, Docker, GitHub CI.

Visit my GitHub profile for all open source contributions. For an up-to date overview of all VS Code extensions, visit my marketplace publisher site.

Work experience

Senior Software Developer, oput – since 2020

  • Project management
  • Development of multiple iOS and watchOS apps
  • Introducing CI/CD for many apps
  • Concept and implementation of a new Web, iOS and watchOS apps
  • Coordination of many locales across multiple platforms
  • Maintenance of legacy software
  • Sharing code and infrastructure across new projects
  • Swift, Typescript, Bitrise, Fastlane, Angular, React, Redux, ReactiveX, ...

Software Developer, Conclurer – 2016 – 2020

  • Development of a highly customizable mobile app based on web technologies
  • Implementation of an offline first data abstraction layer
  • Responsible for customization and white labeling apps for more than 5 companies
  • Digitalization of business processes for customers actively used in production
  • Introduced and improved Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines
  • Typescript, Docker, Travis CI, Heroku, AWS, Vue.js, Angular, Ionic, Stencil, Cordova, Capacitor, Redux, ReactiveX, ...

Remote Freelance iOS Developer, Conclurer for an American customer – 2015

  • Design and development of an media-rich iOS app in Swift
  • Offline synchronization of metadata, images and videos
  • Automated screenshots and Continuous Deployment
  • Swift, Objective-C, Fastlane, S3, Parse

Remote Student iOS-Developer, Freeletics – 2013

  • First hired developer for the iOS-App written in Objective-C
  • Stabilizing and refactoring freshly released App
  • Objective-C, Fastlane

Bachelor of Science in Informatik, Ulm University – 2012 – 2017

  • Bachelor thesis: translated "Conception of a generic Data Model for iOS in Context of acoustic Localization" (original "Konzeption eines generischen Datenmodells für iOS im Kontext akustischer Lokalisation")