This is a collection of thoughts, reviews and unfinished work. These blog posts are less official and may lack actual introductions or descriptions. If wish additional explanation or examples, you are free to contact me. All code is MIT-licensed and I would be really happy if my experiments can help you.


Thoughts on: Elegant Objects

Writing things down is part of my learning process. These thoughts came up while reading through Yegor Bugayenko’s book Elegant Objects about a more declarative and less procedural approach of object oriented programming. This is more a personal document than a book… »



A Swift Playground aiming to provide some functional helpers to parse arguments for command line tools. It uses Overture and is build for high composability, flexibility and little impact on your project's freedom to evolve. A central use case was Archery 's: only… »


Refactoring RxJS Code in Angular

Do you work with legacy RxJS code? Have you ever revisited your first few observables in your application? Do you need to fix bugs in an app of your learning phase? Are you still learning best practices for writing reactive code? This guide is for you. Even if you don’t… »



Command mine is a swift library for parsing command line arguments. It is designed to support asynchronous implementations of CLIS, that may even be used inside frameworks. Definitions CommandMine is about extracting minerals out of your ore. Shaft A protocol describing… »